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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  January 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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2013 began with a kiss... and
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a committment... for a number of same sex couples... who chose to marry - minutes after midnight.the eremonies were hall - anddthat's where mellnda roeder is streeming liv. it wassa controversial vote back in november....that resuled in a very emotional victory for the gay ccmmunity...and for seven last night - o say tteir vows... it was a life-chaaging experience. some of tte couples said theyy just couldn't wait to tie the chose new year's day... to seallthe deal.otters said they optee for a nnw year's weddiig... as a way of making a statement about same sex marrrage.a statement ttey now belleve a majority of
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marylanders support. which makes hem very pouple came here from south married - because it's stiil illegal in that state.
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time.veterans will now be ble have their veteran status shown on heir drrver's liiensee license.and another measure bans arsenic in chicken feed to helppkeep toxins ut of the chesapeake bay. 3 the fate of he fiscal cliff is now in the haads of the house. . . leaders roo √°both√° parties went behind closed doors with their respective caucuses thii afternoon.... discussing the deal approvee by the senate in the wee hours of tis morniig. under terms of the senate- approved legislation: taxxs on &pthe middle ccassswill not go more, and households earning 450-thouuand dollars or more will see their taxes reeurn tt clinton-era levvls. hhuse opponents say it was dooe in - hasse. penntor mitch mcconnell observed quote "this shouldn't be the model for how we do things arouud here" end quote, piie a bull in a china closett - anyway 3 if the bill isspassed in the
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house, the president is could cut into most of our - - paychecks. 3&here in maryllnd...many folks arenow trying to figure ut how they'llbe impactee by wwat's happpnedin washington. john rydell joins us with the fallout...john... ble - jennifer.... tax advvsers... figure out... "how"thii is going to affect...theirclients. but thh answer... is...theeast "maaority" of "taxpayers"... will wind p...paying moree.. moree.. throughout baltimore...reality has set in.the new year's eve revelry is over...and it's tiie to address...moresobering folkss..are - payinggmore in federal taxes...that is...if they earn less...than400-thousand a yeaa. (nightwine) "for once, it ssunds like there was at least some level of commromise, the $400,000 iss still ii still a pretty good high number especialll for pell if you make that."ng verr 3 (rydell) "but even if youu pon't make more than $400,000 hhve more money deducted rom -
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your paychhck for both medicare and social security." (gruver) "i understand that people still need to haae social securrty nd meddcare so it's important that we do &pdoes hurt peopll who don't make aalot offmoney and their payccecks are alreedy fairry pmall.""or taa's nightmarr. that'' because thee agreement being hammered out by conggess... still means the will actually pay more... for the20-12 taxxyear.((rioleau) "you ccuud eassly see a thousand ollar hange ffr that person who is maaiig $50,000,,very, very easily."as taxpayersdigest the many chaages. (prioleau) there wwll be a delay in filing oo tax returns." and of course...unttl the house...takes a final votte..on this massive reduce the deficit... most aaerrcans... won't know... paying... in taxes.john rydell,,fox 45 news t 5:30.
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baltimore city saw its numberrof homicidee growwinn201. 2012. 17 peoole lostttheir liiessin baltimorr city last pear. that is 20 more compared to 2011 hen baltimore aw a historicclow. is the vice chair of the public ssfety committee. he says while theepolice &pdepartmeet has focused on getting bad guys wiih guns off the street... it's time t shift it's focus to include the community. 10:40:31 i always say it's the 80 20 rule 80 perrent of the officers we have are doing percent 20 percent but one 15 unforntaell those are they people they reeember they're street they're gonna remember - &pthe one who cursed hem out o yelled at them ::8 last monthh pplice commissioner anthony batts division tt address residents' &pconcerns. &pp3 you saw firrt on fox invvlving -
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a pizza delivery driver who says he was demmted bbcauseehe protected himself while be attacced on the job. &pjobb sam swicegood says he used this small piece of fiberglass to fend off a group of teens wwo jumped him during a delivery. e told us that he was demoted and saw his ours no weapon policy. but tonight a spokesman for the company tells fox 45 swicegood as not demoted.. swicegoodd ays while he's nnttgetting tipssas a cook so his income has delivery driversshave become taagets. in baltimore police have gone as aa as issuing flyers that explain how drivers can protect themseeves. and police are still earching for the gunman who shot a man dietrich's tavern in glen ide - burniee.. 31-year-old sir keith engllsh queen jones was found shot to death in the parkkng lot on sunnay.sources say the shoottng happened in a blind spoo below the surveillance ameras. thii is
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the third murrer at the bar since 2209.two uspects are mmrders. iie for the prrvious police arr loooing for a pobber with aasweet tooth.they royal farrs store ii fells point on sunday... pulled outt a bag... and began filling it with caady.when the cleek the man pushed her out of his way and continued grabbingg entire oxxs of candy all... he stole 180 dollars inn sweets. you can track criminal with 'spotcrime.' get email alerts wwen crime happens. log onto fox baltimore dot com and click on spotcrime in the hot topics section. attorneyy have dropped a lawsuit againt the staffing agency that sent a traaeling hospital techniciin to nee hampshire, where he's accused of infecting patients with hepatitis c. david kwiattowski is accused of stealing painkillers ann reelacing them with syringes ainted with his
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on patients ii at least edles 8-statts... includiig here in arrest, a boston attorney sued triage taffing foo neggigence. pismissed... and settelement is in the works. for 46 ameeican ouples :: 2013 is alreadd heertbreaking. russian orphan:but last vladimir putin officially banned the aaoption of russian childree by aaerican families. but ooe howard county womaa hopes to reverss thatt decision... kathleen caiirss tatyana mcfadden ssas she is speaking out for the orphans. she hopes to rrvvrse the russian govvrnment's deciiion.... for the sake of the children.... who will otherwise... spend their lives... in an orphanagge (ahh,,,,, its like a ppund or mcfadden is a fiercee")tatyana 100 m 400 m and 800 eterr.. "
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the paraolympii attlete bronze... but.. she wants to win something elle... and ii's not a game. (tatyana--iie angle)"i will never stop &pfighting for those children" with thouuanns oo signatures &pto he russiin embassy in washington dc.... she wants the russian goverrment to rr- oppn the adoptionnprocess to americannfamilies. (tatyyaa)"the children were usee aa pawns stuck in thh miidle between two countries argummnts.. and its really really unfair its going to effect their lives forever (tatyana closee"i was adopted at age sii., i was born with spina bifida so i was very very sick wwhn i was little" (tatyana)"nn familyywanted mm (((mmt: no russsan family no other family))) but an &pamerican woman walked in and going to be my mother."hh was children are doomed and i - beeieve president putin nailed the coffin in these children"
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46 russiann rphann in particular who have met theirr american parents.. and were when presiddnt putin stopped the process by signnng a law ann making ittillegal. knnw who their mom and daa is.. if they ive in the oophanageei dont know what is going tt happen to them" tatyana hopes her voice.... will channe olitical thinkiigg in he past 20 pigures show american amiliess have adopted more then 60- thousann ussian orphans. kc pox 45 news aa 5;;0 3 a fatal fire claim's a found inside he home...and the reason it stopped them from rraching her in time. and a new years celebration pnds in gunfire.the violent fireworkssin californii. 3
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--adblib weather tz--
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the ew year brings violence in sacramentt, californiia.. california...two people were killed and three others injured last night.40-thoosand peoppe gathereddin ld show... when gunfire erupted. officers rushed to close-off midnnght celebration wass word on what prompted the shhotingg.. orra see all that junk piled up firefighterr say it all kept them from saving a woman's liff. the fire chhef says when
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crews tried to enttr the house, they found it filled floor to ceiling with debris. our ccews are goiiggttrough the house and doiig what they can do to gain acccss to the area, they are finding tremendous amountssof debris in the house, by are terms we typically call this a garbage-type hoose. the victim is described as a woman in her 50s orr60ss was the only person who ivvd there. a onnecttcut lawyer has withdrawn his equest to sue the staae over the sandy hookk elementary school shooting. it'ssunclear why irving pinsky withdree the request. but, he says e's ressrving the right to bring it up again, deppndiig on nee evidence. pinsky originally acccsed the state of failing to provide a safeesetting. he was seeking 100-milliin dollars in damages on behalf of an unidentified six-yeaa-old ggrl who ssuvived the massacre. pinskk ssys he girl heard gunfire, screaming, aad conversations over the intercom and was left wiih
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emotional scars. &piq: the tate of connecticut....oq::from guns.. guns.""iq: what you do is... oq: 30 feet." 22 people, including 20 chiidren, were killed at thh newtown school when 22-year-old adam lanza entered the building anndopened fire the new year noo only means a new beginning, it also means a sllw of new laws to follow. more han four hundred of them around the country -- all go into effeet today.and as ppculiar. 3 well, silly or serious - thousands of new state laws meant enough to some group of lawmakers to actually get paassd and ontoothe books - n kentuccy - it's ow illegal to release feral or wild hogs ... iito the wild. there are a number of employment-related measures as pell - including these: &pin oregon, it's now llegal forreeployers to advertise a
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job opening if they won't coonider applicaats who are currently unnmployed.. and in both illinoissand california - it's now illegal for employers to ask ffr - or require you to hand ooer - the accounts - like facebook and a twwttee. that goes forr both applicants and current employees. other states have in all - more than laws. 29-thousand laws were passed by state legislltures in 2012 - and many of those kick inn today. of course - it's been a very buuy yearr at the federal level as well - many new regulations stemming from laws passed over the last couple f years will kick in today including an hhs mandate that employers who providd health innurance inccudes free access tooa number of birth control methods - there is an exemption for those efined as "religiius employers" - but &pthhrr are more than 40 cases pending by employers who say that's what they are - and thh obama aadinistration is refusing to recognize ttem. hobby lobby is believvd tt juut days ago - was denied an
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emergency injunction against the maanatee- byysupreme court founder and cee david beliefs to comply with this y - pandate" meaning the ompany is potentially facing fines of 1.3 million dollars a day - starting oday. in washington, shannon bbeam, 3 a new club allowing customers to geethigh... the marijuana without breaking thh a burger that cures hangovers attack.what's stacked betteen thh buns... that addssup to mooe than 200 pounds. a new club is opennng its
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coloordo pot users in enver, 3club 64... the city's first private marijuana ccub opened monday afternoon -- with some two hundred people signing up. membbes pay 30 dollars to come in. they bring their own marijuana or share with other
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adults.... with the passaae of amendment 64, adults over 21 pot... and tte peopleehere believe their private ccub is legal. "amendment 64 ssys you can bb definition prrvate." his is "hundreds of thousandssof people celebrattng the neww yeaa withhalcohol nd we want pannabis." ate he new year wit denver police say they are waitinggfor guidance from the ccty attorney and district aatorney to see if the club is 3 p laws.
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,3 the latest from the rrvens, and the erpsput on a matinee'....bruce cunningham has that next in sports
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the ravens playerssareegetting ii their one day of rest, but that all changes tomorrow, when they begin preparations forsunday's first round indianapolis colts...and if that doesn't jazz you up pnouuh, the raaens' resident legendwill probably be on the f. field... ray lewis was reactivated last wwek from the injured reserve theebengals...this weekk will likely be a different storr.. the ravens are hopeful thatt number 52 ill be ready to go, but they're not ready to make any announcceents..john harbaugh was asked what it will take to get ray backon &pthe field... 3 -3 mark turgeon and his maryland
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perps closing out the non- toddy, hosting iupui.....and e - it was the visiting jaguars &ptaking the eaaly lead,,craig rrce goes tt gaines underneath..and they had a big early leade.....but backkcome the terps...nick faust caa't hit, but 7-11alex len is aa dominant force this year.. here's he rebound follow..len had 9...terps building a second half lead....they ere playing som defenneetoo...seth allen defellts it to nick faust..back to allenfor the ssam...2 of his 13...terps roll 81-63 to go to 12- 1..their 12th straight win. 11:30 n sports unlimited0 and -
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if your still rrcovering from new years eve.... they reasy and this burger is ure to do the ttick. checkk ut the "hangoverr burger" in weighs more thann220 word on hhw mmch it costs... but it comes with all the fixings plus fried eggs and whole bbq 3 that's all for fox45 news at we'll bb back tonight for fox45 news at en -- and the late edition at 11... later. you later.
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